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August 13, 2019

Schnapps, I stopped for schnapps

Cycling from Radolfzell to Ohldingen

Heading east from Radolfzell
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I left Radolfzell on a crisp morning as the sun began to peek from behind the morning clouds. As is our group's tradition, we found ourself lost on our way out of town. A local lady cycled up at an intersection and asked if we needed help. She spoke English and told us to follow her. She left us at the cycle path entrance on the edge of town and said it would take us to our destination. People amaze me with their kindness' when on a bike tour. 

My orchard schnapps stop
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Today’s destination was Ohldingenon. Our 25-mile ride took us back over to the peninsula to the eastern shore of Lake Constance. The ride was much different from yesterday’s ride across the peninsula. Rain was replaced with sun. Woodlands and very small villages were replaced with orchards and stellar views. After a short climb we were rewarded with miles of cycling along orchards as we headed  to Lake Constance at Bodman. 

This morning's cake and coffee
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Just past Bodman, I spotted a farm market and orchard that look too inviting to pass up. It was a wonderful stop. They distilled schnapps. I could not resist and am taking home a bottle of their kirschwasser (cherry liquor), as well as, apricot preserves. As with most German markets, they had a nice bread and pastry selection. Our group opted to pass up the pastries in anticipation of our next village. 

No words are needed to describe this
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We crossed the top of Lake Constance in only a few miles and cycled into Ludwegshafen. My bike wandered off the cycle path and found the local Bäckerei. It did not disappoint with cases full of pastries and with the aroma of fresh baked bread mixed with brewing coffee. I now have my touring companions trained to stop for morning coffee. I loved the casual show placed atmosphere of European bakeries' and coffee shops. Unlike American’s pick it up and go style, Europeans gather in these places and casually sip coffee and talk for an extended time. 

such a beautiful lakefront
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Fueled by coffee and kuchen, it was a short ride through Sipplingen and onto Uberlingen. Have I mentioned that today’s ride is closely following the shore with unbelievable views. These towns are quite scenic.  Uberlingen was especially nice. It was a sizable city that was obviously a popular tourist destination. The waterfront was so beautiful. My companions and I opted to get a sandwich from a bakery. Bakeries in Europe make delicious sandwiches with their fresh baked rolls. It was a bargain 4-euro lunch that also included a sparkling water.  

Orchards and vineyards along Lake Constance
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This region has numerous statues of nude obese people and animals. I encountered several of these amusing works of art today. I suspectthat there is a famed local artist who is the creator. 

The Pilgrimage Church of Birnau
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We arrived at our Ohldingen hotel in a few miles. Tonight's hotel is sandwiched between the cycle path and the lake. It is quite a nice spot. It sits about 1,000 feet from Basilica Birnau, the Pilgrimage Church at Birnau. This is a large distinctive church that is painted pink. The baroque interior was very impressive. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside the basilica.  

sunset dinner view
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Lake Constance continues to amaze me with it’s beauty. I found today’s ride to be the best to date on this tour. The ride from Konstanz to Stein am Rhein is a very close second.  Tomorrow is a shorter day to Friedrichshafen with several attractions I am very much anticipating. 

it seems that every window has a flower box
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Today's ride: 25 miles (40 km)
Total: 130 miles (209 km)

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