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July 10, 2010

Day 39: Back to the future...

Did you ever feel like you stepped into a time machine? That's how I feel on this trip sometimes. It's not that we can leave our stuff unattended in the little town parks, or that everyone seems extraordinarily friendly; it's also the little old fashion diners and gas stations and stores, heck even the prices seem too low.

Take the diner we ate breakfast at in Girard, it felt like it was out of the set of the movie Hoosiers. Plus, everyone is very friendly and asks us all kinds of questions. It's definitely an experience.

We made it to Missouri today and started in on the notorious hills here. So far so good, though I know the hardest is yet to come. At least today, they seemed like the hills of last years Pacific Coast ride, up and down, up and down, up and down well, you get the idea. We'll see what tomorrow brings. It sure is pretty here though

We are staying in Ash Grove and when we rolled into the city park to camp we were met by the sheriff, who could not have been more friendly. He explained that the pool was closed but we could use the park showers and that, "there is a house over there if the weather gets bad."

"Do you think the weather will be bad," I asked.

"It's possible tonight," he said.

"Well, can we just stay there then?" I asked.
He said that would be fine.

It's not fancy but it's inside with air conditioning and cots. Not bad for free. And it's a good thing we're here too because, as I write this there is a big thunderstorm going on outside."

Tomorrow we hit more hills. Today we had a strong tail wind but got a late start, so I don't think we got as much advantage as we could have, but that's how it goes sometimes Tomorrow we start climbing the hills of MO. :-P

Alex up the road
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I felt like we needed to go right, though I couldn't explain Y
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I felt like I was in a time machine in this place...
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$1.12 for gas huh? I'm guessing this place has been closed for a while.
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Today's ride: 90 miles (145 km)
Total: 3,041 miles (4,894 km)

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