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Soon to be a Major Motion Picture!

I look at this picture and dream. It is everything I remember with fondness about the back roads of America: the way they wind, the yellow lines down the centre, the diamond-shaped road signs, the speeds in miles an hour, the notion that they lead from one ocean to another with so many wonderful people on the way.
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SOME GREAT NEWS this week: a publisher in the US has asked for a book about the trip!

I obviously couldn't be more thrilled.

There are lots of cycle-touring books here in France and some in Britain but there seem very few in America. This suggests either no call or that the market is wide open. I'm obviously hoping for the second.

This won't be the first cycling book I've written but it will be the first travelogue. I wouldn't be honest if I denied being apprehensive. One thing I have to come up with is a title. I amuse myself if nobody else by picking what I think are whimsical titles, and in the olden days of book publishing - about five years ago - that would have been fine. Now so many books are sold on-line, unseen except for a small picture of the cover, that the title has to include all the key words that a prospective buyer might consider.

That rules out THREE MONTHS OF MANLY BRAVERY IN THE FACE OF HARDSHIP. The title has to get in "cycling" and "touring" and "America". But Cycle Touring in America... hardly blood-boiling, is it?

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