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May 16: Lackawanna to Dunkirk, NY

I loved these shadow statues. You see them a lot in America, although most of them are of cowboys slouched against a wall.
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I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT of a lake as something a swan could cross in three minutes. Somewhere a small boy could sail a yacht and then wade out when it sank. Well, the Great Lakes of North America aren't at all like that. They are rather larger.

A duck would never cross this in three minutes...
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That, to be honest, is the only notable point about today. We left Lackawanna, we got glimpses of Lake Ontario and we rode to Dunkirk. I'm reading my notes now and I can't see anything worth repeating. I feel compelled to say, though, before more interesting things happen and I miss the chance, that American drivers are exemplary. They have been unfailing courteous and time after time they've all but thrown themselves into the ditch on the other side of the road to give us all the space they could. I can remember one van that came closer than I would have cared but, given the number of drivers whose lives we have briefly entered, that is a statistical nothing.

So, on that happy note, I leave you until tomorrow.


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