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Day -62: Coronavirus?

"Can you think of any reason we can't do this?"

You know, when I asked Clerie, "Can you think of any reason we can't bike to Utah this summer?", we tried to brainstorm different reasons we might not be able to. But a pandemic, believe it or not, was not one of them.

Will it put us at an unacceptable risk? Probably not. We'll be taking the road less-traveled, and will be as isolated from most people as we are here in our home. Granted, we won't have as much food on hand if we were on the road.

Will it put others at an unacceptable risk? Probably not. We won't be flying or driving. In fact, compared to how most people travel, we'll practically be stationary; it's not currently the guy from the next town over that's the problem.

Will we still go? I suppose that depends on how things evolve.

But if it turns out to be grossly irresponsible to go, what then? Well, almost all the money and time we'll have put into this plan will be reusable (like bike parts, camping gear, or clothes) or postponable (the route to Utah). We could work and play in the woods close to home.

In the mean time, we're still planning, and still preparing. I repaired our Cargo bike's pannier bags. Other parts for the bigger bikes are in the mail. But Coronavirus is hovering over the planning just like a dark cloud in a Kansas sky.

Now I'll pick up my boy from preschool. And wash my hands.

Life is good on a bike.
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