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April 15, 2009

Day 2: Levi sighting!

'High Winds Wreak Havoc' That was the headline in today's Santa Rosa newspaper in regards to yesterday's wind storm. I can't argue with that!

but forget about the wind; that's old news!

Today, about an hour out of Calistoga, I was riding along in an amazing valley with vineyards and hills on all sides, when in the opposite direction I see a pack of 10-15 riders. As they approached I waved, as I usually do when riders pass by, and the one rider near the front who nodded a hello back was decked out in an Astana jersey. I looked closer and couldn't believe it but, yep, it was Levi Leipheimer! No doubt about it. There have been a number of Levi sightings among our (biking) club members but that was my first. He's been training at home since his injury in the Tour of California. I thought it was pretty cool and even stopped for a latte at the next town to e-mail my friends about it--at least all my friends who would know who Levi Leipheimer is.

...that, on top of a generally fun day all around made for a great day on the bike!

The ride north to Geyserville had generally light traffic. I fought a headwind most of the way north but the skies were an amazing blue and it was a little warmer so I didn't care. I also knew that I would soon be turning to head south so that was something to look forward to--tailwinds! :-)

Every turn of the road was a photo op so I finally had to come up with a self imposed rule system and minimum standards for Kodak moments, such as correct lighting, color combinations, subject matter, etc. If I had not done that I would still be on the road. I'll edit and download some pics after I post this written update.

On my way north I saw a number of riders which was a change from yesterday where I saw ZERO once I hit Napa Valley because of the wind. Zero riders in Napa is almost unheard of. None of the riders today where touring but several were from out of state, and doing day rides.

One rider, who looked like a club racer on a training ride with a friend, who was riding in the opposite direction, while I was fighting a head wind, actually made a point to ride to the other side of the road where I was and mock, 'it's a bit windy in that direction.' I guess he was kidding but he seemed like he was a little too smart assy for his own good. If I was a witch I would have put a curse on him so he only rides in headwinds from this day forward. Unfortunately, I'm not a witch. :-(

Once I started south I felt free and liberated. I had a tailwind! WOO-HOOO! It was great riding and pretty country through Healdsburg and Windsor. Healdsburg is a great little town and really bustling with people. I stopped for a latte and cheese cake to keep the motor running and then moved on to Windsor. After that it was more or less urban type riding until I made it to Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa does have a nice network of bike lanes and some paths. One path took me about 4 miles to city hall, where I turned south for a few miles before I stopped for the night. Still, if you are touring this area you will be much happier if you stay further north.

Tomorrow I head home. What a bummer!

Until then,
Karen (and the Trucker)

Vital statistics
Miles 63
Pedal hours: 5:30
Total hours: Who knows?
Number of double Lattes: 2
Number of Levi sightings: 1 :-)

I just thought he was pretty (or is that handsome?)
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Riders from Vermont, in Sonoma County
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A Sonoma Vineyard
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There once was a girl from Nantucket... Oh, wait, this is a road sign.
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Typical Vineyard entrance. Notice the flags in the wind.
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Downtown Healdsburg
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Good to know!
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Outside Santa Rosa a guy seemed to be collecting old buildings and trucks (from the 20's-50') related mainly to cars and service stations. He was not real talkative but said I could take pictures. ...I remember thinking, I would not have noticed this place if I had been in a car. I love biking! :-)
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Today's ride: 63 miles (101 km)
Total: 124 miles (200 km)

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