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May 12, 2022


The dormitories in the albergues in Galicia have been full of coughing and sneezing pilgrims.  For some reason, in this region, they cram all the pilgrims into a single dormitory and keep the others locked.  For example, if an albergue has forty beds spread across four dormitories, three will be locked and they will squeeze ten pilgrims into a tiny space.  To my way of thinking, not the best COVID management strategy but it does mean less work for the hostelaro.

I felt off colour for the last three days and we have stayed in private rooms at albergues since then, not being sure whether I had the dreaded lurgy or not.  We have a private room in an almost empty albergue in Sarria (two other prilgrims) and likewise have one booked for tomorrow night.  Thankfully I am feeling fine again which is just as well because we have a climb of over a thousand meters tomorrow.

Today's ride also started with a big climb, only three hundred and fifty meters but much of it over ten percent.  This is Galicia after all.  Cornwall and Devon have nothing on this place.

Leaving Portomarin - the castle-like reconstructed church visible in the top right.
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Part of the way up the climb. Portomarin seems so far away.
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Once at the top of the climb the rest of the ride was business as usual with a nice downhill into Sarria.  We have a matrimonial (a private room with a double bed) in a quiet albergue.  We are now on the "wrong side" of the hundred kilometers to Santiago that is needed to be covered to be awarded a compostela.  Thank goodness.  The number of pilgrims have dropped dramatically and so have the vehicles couriering backpacks from albergue to albergue for those "pilgrims" who find it a problem to carry them themselves.  I have been singing the praises of Spanish drivers because they are so courteous to cyclists but yesterday I was twice forced off the road by servicios de mochilas or backpack service vehicles.

A sign in the kitchen at our albergue. At least the English and German match up. What they actually meant was "don't leave the water running while you soak the pots".
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The other two pilgrims in the albergue tonight are a very pleasant French Canadian lady and a Spanish speaking guy who I have heard but not yet seen.  They have the whole dormitory to themselves so hopefully there will be limited risk of spreading diseases.

Today's ride: 28 km (17 miles)
Total: 1,644 km (1,021 miles)

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