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May 19, 2022

Leon - Lazy Day Again

We would really have liked to spend an extra day in the nice apartment we had but it was unavailable.  After we checked out we rode across the river to the old town, checking out various sights.

First off was the Convento de San Marcos.  Original construction was started in the 12th century.  Now it is a 5 star hotel and a museum but according to Wikipedia it had a few dark years during the Spanish Civil War:

"During the course of the Spanish Civil War cells, rooms, stables, cloisters, church, choir, museum and every fast corner of the building were transformed into impromptu dungeons or jailers' offices, in what became officially known as "Campo de concentración de San Marcos" (San Marcos concentration camp).Between July 1936 and the end of 1940, up to 7,000 men and 300 women were imprisoned at the same time. It is estimated that, over the entire war and the period immediately following, the number of Republican militia members and political prisoners that passed through its cells totaled some 20,000. In the province of León, around 3,000 deaths are recorded due to the repression, and a good number of these came from the dungeons of San Marcos. "

Convento de San Marcos.
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Next up was the Basilica of San Isidoro, a 10th century church built on top of an old Roman Temple.

Basilica De San Isidoro
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Basilica De San Isidoro.
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A quick look at Gaudi's quirky Casa Botines, built for a fabrics company and later housing a bank.  It is now a museum dedicated in part to itself.

Casa Botines
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We weren't sure if this bench sculpture was supposed to be the great man himself but I had to have a look at what he was sketching. Unsurprisingly it was a drawing of Casa Botines.
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Finally, the cathedral.  We didn't go inside but it is certainly dramatic from the outside.

The Cathedral.
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A few hundred meters away from the Cathedral we came upon the Hostel Quartier León Jabalquinto.  It looked really good and incredibly affordable so we checked in before noon.  There are numerous bars and restaurants in the vicinity so we enjoyed a light lunch at one of them before having another lazy afternoon.

Today's ride: 4 km (2 miles)
Total: 1,863 km (1,157 miles)

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