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June 1, 2022


Today's ride was a real mixed bag and was in many ways a learning curve for what I suspect we will encounter for our last two weeks of this tour.  The countryside along the Rio Ebro is quite featureless, apart from some pretty big mountains in the distance both north and south of us, and natural beauty doesn't jump out to meet us.  Since Logroño it has become very hot - today the temperature touched thirty five degrees and it seems it that will be the norm for at least a week - and we have had to choose between rough unsealed roads or contend with busier roads that are sealed.  Today we struggled against a strong headwind from the moment we set out but the forecast for tomorrow is for the wind to blow from the west which should make things a bit easier for us.

Along the railway line for the first few kilometers.
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We had about fifteen kilometers along the canal today. Without a headwind it would have made for some good riding.
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Heat and headwinds. At least we avoided any big hills.
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We are spending the night at the Albergue Gallur but it is more like what is usually referred to as a hostal in Spain.  In Spain an albergue is usually like what is known as a hostel in the English speaking world while a hostal is similar what would be called an inn or a (small and simple) hotel in the UK or South Africa.  There are two French pilgrims staying here as well, both walkers, as well as a young Spanish couple on e-bicycles with their two kids riding in trailers.  The inn is right next to the busy and very noisy railways line but this afternoon I managed to sleep for at least an hour with numerous trains passing through (or so Leigh tells me).  I doubt the noise will affect my sleep any more than the heat is.

We have lots of time before we need to be in Barcelona so we only have to cover about forty kilometers a day from here on.  We're going to have to start leaving much earlier to miss the heat and I suspect accommodation might start becoming a challenge as we approach Barcelona.

Today's ride: 41 km (25 miles)
Total: 2,361 km (1,466 miles)

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