02/17/24 waiting for the sun in Amencameca - south - CycleBlaze

February 17, 2024

02/17/24 waiting for the sun in Amencameca

A short hop up the road is all the riding for today, possibly tomorrow as well
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My phone had led me to expect a only a little bit of rain around midday, but I was woken up by the pitter patter at 2 am. It was still going strong in the morning… finally, a break from the fires and smoke!
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There was a pause around 11 and I used the opportunity to check out of my room and go up the road to Amencameca
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Karen PoretI like your addition of “AmeNcameca”..gives more promise for your trip!
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1 month ago
First time cycling in long pants and warm weather gear
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No sign of any volcanoes today, but there is what looks suspiciously like snow at the start of the pass
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I got a room at at the Plaza Fontesanta love hotel conveniently located next to the road leading up to the pass. The truck in the foreground is a pilgrim returning from Chalma
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I wasn’t allowed to take my bike upstairs to my room, but I was able to lock it up in the storage room so I don’t have to worry about it
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Volcano alert instructions posted outside reception
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I walked over to Oxxo next door for snacks, just as the rain resumed. I’m holed up in my room until tomorrow and may even wait an additional day as well. My phone is warning of a cold front and I want to give the snow a chance to melt. The downhill side of the pass is unpaved so I’m content to sit here and let road conditions and my bruised thigh improve. I may have to reinstall Reddit on my devices…
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Today's ride: 4 miles (6 km)
Total: 1,929 miles (3,104 km)

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