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February 9, 2024

02/09/24 road tripping with perfect synchronicity

I’m a big fan of the Mexican bus system
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While lying in bed and listening to the roosters and dogs have their early morning confab I checked on my package status and found it was purported to be waiting for me to pick it up in San Miguel de Allende. Sigh. Not at all what I’d expected after speaking with FedEx the other day. By now I’d had hoped it would be en route to Atlacomulco, and for all I knew it was. I’d had my fill of trying to get anything resolved over the phone and with nothing else to do today I figured, why not go check?  Given that San Miguel de Allende was over a week and several adventures ago, it felt very far away but in fact it’s just up the road. I walked over to the bus station and bought a ticket to Queretaro, leaving in 15 minutes. 

Riding the Red Arrow. plenty of seats, very comfortable and free high speed Wi-Fi
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Arriving in Queretaro. It’s a big city. I got off the bus, inquired about tickets to San Miguel de Allende and was told one was leaving just this minute. The bus pulled out as soon as I got on.
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The bus was a local, stopping at all sorts of places. Knowing I’d need cash to pay duty, and knowing where the ATMs were from my earlier visit, I got off before the bus terminal, got cash and took a taxi to FedEx. My box was sitting on the floor waiting to get returned to the warehouse and subsequent forwarding to Atlacomulco. It took a couple of phone calls before they let me have it, but finally it was in my hands
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My taxi driver had waited while I dealt with the retrieval and then took me to the bus terminal where there was a bus leaving for Queretaro in 10 minutes. I was in town for less than an hour
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The Queretaro bus station was big, with an airport feel. I would have liked to have stopped at one of the restaurants but there was a bus leaving immediately for Atlacomulco. It was three minutes from arrival to departure!
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Less than 9 hours after the idea of returning to San Miguel de Allende popped into my head I was back in Altacomulco and master of my destiny once again
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