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January 2, 2024

01/02/24 Las Pocitas

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I waited until 9 and the Telcel office to open so I could top off my data plan and get a second SIM card. I’d been using my iPad as a hot spot for my phone, but decided it was easier to have Mexican SIMs in both, so I’m swimming in data now. 

It wasn’t an interesting ride, but it was flat and with a decent tailwind for much of the day, so it was enjoyable. I got passed by a 20-something from Europe, cycling to Argentina, chatted briefly at a soda stop and then went our separate ways. Not much else worth mentioning about today. 

There is a nice shoulder for a long ways out of Cd. Constitución, until it isn’t
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The shoulder came back at one point. Not much else to get excited about on today’s route
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Omar flagged me down to share his tamales with him, at just the right time
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I made it to my destination with daylight to spare
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I was told that the tire shop also had rooms for rent across the street
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No name motel, Las Pocitas
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A clean room with A/C,shower and bath for 250 MN, nice!
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Beans and carne asada being cooked up at the taco shop next door
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Robert BryceNice Dutch oven!
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3 months ago

Today's ride: 74 miles (119 km)
Total: 912 miles (1,468 km)

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