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So yes, it's time. This is my last day before departure, the day to get it all sorted, get it all packed, get it all set for the journey. I called the number on the ACA map for a camp site in Arroyo Grande and spoke to an absolute charmer named Laura, who promises an ocean view on her four acre plot and a bargain price as long as I share stories of the road with her. I had contemplated getting off the train in Guadalupe or Grover Beach to save the first day's mileage, but why travel 300+ miles just to do that?

Stuff is spread all over my kitchen counters as I condense and rearrange. The only item I'm leaving behind is my sleeping bag liner since I know I'll be too lazy and likely too tired to set it up. I'm adding the Bento bag back onto the bike strictly to carry my Canon SX200 camera under the seat, making it easier to reach and use. It just plain takes better pictures than my IPhone or Campark action camera.

Bike loaded onto car, bags in the back, alarm set. I am so very ready to go.

                                                         ...News Bulletin...

For the second year in a row, someone sadly decided to end their life in front of the train I was scheduled to take, so that train was cancelled for today. The next one wouldn't get me to my destination until well after dark, so I rescheduled my departure until tomorrow.

Details to follow once I finally take off.

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