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Hurry up and Wait

Getting from home to your holiday destination is inevitably a day spent waiting in lines or sitting in a seat that gets more uncomfortbable the longer you sit. At that point, standing in line feels so good.

Today, we took the bus and ferry to Vancouver, then boarded a KLM flight for 9 hour flght to Amsterdam. 

The BC ferries between Vancouver and Victoria cross paths in Active Pass. It really is a beautiful crossing on a warm sunny day.
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After a 2hour layover we boarded another plane for the KLM flight to Rome. Flights were backed up at AMS so we were 30 minutes late leaving Amsterdam. That meant we would have 30 minutes between arrival and departure in Rome. What could we do but race through Terminal on arrival in Rome, and that’s exactly what we did with our carry-on lugggage in tow. When we arrived at the departure gate, we were happy to find a big crowd of passengers waiting in line. They were just starting the boarding process. Phew! This flight was late to depart which they told us was because they were scrambling to load baggage from six different connecting airlines. How refreshing for us that were onboard to hear that our luggage was their priority!

The descent into Palermo airport is something I will never forget, for all the right reasons. We had been flying above clouds the whole way from Rome until we reached Sicily. There, the clouds disppeared to reveal the jewel island of Sicily. The sun was just beginning to set and the sunlight bathed the rocky cliffs, coastlines, jagged peaks and mountains and Palermo, of course. Our jaws were agape in awe at the beauty that unfolded below us.

Palermo, on the northwest coast of Sicily.
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Approach to PMO over the Tyrrhenian Sea.
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Once we landed and retrieved our luggage, namely our two Bike Fridays packed in their Samsonites, we contacted our B&B host in Terrasini to pick us up. By 9pm, we were doing a very Sicilian thing, eating pizza in the piazza. Yes, it was delicious and it was also needed since the last meal we had was a light breakfast before arrival in Amsterdam. We returned to our B&B and were snoozing as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

I wonder if we will see one of these traditional Sicilian carts on our adventure? This one is in the Palermo airport.
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