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March 15, 2023

In Zürich

Not much to say about this. We collected our bikes and found the hotel shuttle area outside. We had just missed the shuttle to our hotel and had a 45 minute wait for the next one. We could have paid for a taxi (at least half the airport taxis were really big vans) but the shuttle was free and we had nowhere else to be. For those who come after us, Zürich is a decent airport but there is no wifi!  (We learned the next day that there is wifi, but you need to scan your departure boarding card at one of the half-dozen scanners around the airport and we didn’t see one.  If you are arriving and don’t have service in Switzerland, good luck to you!)

We had ideas about taking the train into Zurich, but by the time we felt like venturing out, there were only a couple of hours of daylight left and we didn’t feel like spending CHF 13.60 each on train fare. Instead, we went for a walk through the little village that presumably serves airport personnel and is home to most of the airport hotels along with a couple of industrial operations. The village is really small and most of our walk was on mostly paved car-free paths through the countryside.

Some mountains in the distance.
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Back in the village, we were checking out the restaurants and a older local came up and recommended what he considered were the two best options. It was still quite early for dinner but one of them opened early and promised traditional Swiss fare, so we chose that one. The food was good, as was the beer, but expensive because it’s Switzerland. Back to our hotel for an early night.

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