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May 14, 2011

Nyabing to Pingrup

I had actually camped about 15 km out of Nyabing. I stopped there for a late breakfast this morning. They have a nice picnic area where you could camp, a general store and a small pub.... and the obligatory wheat silos. The people were friendly and it's in a nice wooded area - a pleasant and very small community.

While eating breakfast I got talking to a local delivery driver and asked his advice as to the best route south to the coastal highway. He suggested that I keep heading east to Pingrup and from there take the back road to Ongerup.

And so I did. It was straight into easterlies and by the time I made it to Pingrup I decided I had enough for the day. Only 57 km and a bit disappointing. I'm staying at the local shire campground. I'm the only person here, so I've taken over the laundry as my office and camp kitchen. It's costing me $8.00 to pitch my tent.

Pingrup doesn't have the ambiance of Nyabing, even though it appears to be a bit larger. There is no shop and the town looks a bit run down, but the camp site is pretty new and very clean. I got a hot shower, did some tent and bike maintenance and I'm off to the pub tonight for a meal.

Tomorrow I'm heading due south to Ongerup. At least I won't be dealing straight on with the headwinds. They really did me in today. Going with the wind I can coast at 16 kmph, without pedalling. Going against the wind I average 12 kmph and have to work for all of it... ouch!!

From Ongerup I have no option but to deal with those winds: it's 150 km to Ravensthorpe and another 190 to Esperance... all of it due east and no changes in wind direction forecast.

The 10 hole of the Pingrup golf course. Australians love golf, even if they have no water for the fairways and greens, they make do. It's only about 100 metres from tee to green and should be a Par 3... but I think I'd be 5 putting to get it in the hole.... Par 8?
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Today's ride: 57 km (35 miles)
Total: 397 km (247 miles)

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