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May 9, 2011

Day Three: Dwellingup to Quindanning

Quindanning is on the back road from Dwellingup to Williams and about 65 km between the two. And yes, there were hills - lots of up and down and into a headwind, but a gradual loss of elevation going into Quindanning and a change of scenery from Jarrah forest to farming.

There was a pretty stiff headwind all day and a fair amount of heavy traffic, due to the bauxite and gold mining going on in the Boddington area. Still a narrow two land road withoiut a shoulder most of the day, except the last 20 km in to Quindanning. It changed into the famus Australian rural one lane paved road. One narrow lane of coarse paving with a dirt shoulder on either side. When cars pass (either overtaking or going in opposite directions) they move their two outside wheels onto the dirt shoulder. I'm wearing my fluro safety vest and now have two fluro safety triangles hanging of the back of the bike. If I could fit a big red flashing light on my head and a loud siren, I would. I was passed by Perth commuters taking the scenic route home, double trailer 18 wheelers, farmers in utes, big rigs hauling mining equipment, even a cement truck.

Oh - and the speed limit is 110 kph on all W Australian back roads.

About 25 km from Quindanning I fought my way to the top of a short steep hill - the headwinds had me down to walking pace. At the top of the hill there was a road worker with a stop sign. They are slowly upgrading the road to two lanes... fine by me. One of the supervisors offered me a ride through the construction site... YES PLEASE!! Thank you Jeff.

At that point I was pretty much at my physical limit and that 12 km lift made all the difference and it was mostly downhill into Quindanning. At the pub all the locals said I could camp behind the Community Hall. Set up camp, cycled back to the pub for a restorative ale or two and a meal. Spent a quiet undisturbed night in my tent reading.

Memorable moment: *That wonderous lift from Jeff

Low point: *That dirty little hill that almost had me off the bike, pushing.

What little shouldher I had going out of Dwellingup didn't last long
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"Pastures of Plenty" the farmers out here could really do with some rain. I think the sheep would appreciate it too!
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The slingle lane "terror track" leading into Quindanning.
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Typical pass - this guy moved over nicely. The big rigs planted themselves firmly right down the middle....
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The two inch lip is easy to get off of but a bit tricky to get back on to the road again
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Quindanning Community Hall campsite. A quiet night's sleep...
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Today's ride: 55 km (34 miles)
Total: 150 km (93 miles)

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