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January 4, 2021

Doing the Catalina Two Step

A new bird visited us today - a Ladderback woodpecker.
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Kathleen JonesYour birdie neighbors sure made quick work of that feeder.
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6 months ago
marilyn swettTo Kathleen JonesYup - by the time we moved to our last site at Catalina, that bell was totally demolished!
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6 months ago
Another new bird - a Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay that enjoyed the peanuts in our seed mix.
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We had our own resident roadrunner at our new site. He was so unafraid of us that we probably could have hand fed him!
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The new site was in an ideal location as it backed up to open park land.
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We liked our new site a lot!
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I was happy to finally capture a Phainopepla sitting still! Usually they are always in motion.
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It was little warmer overnight but still in the 30's this morning. We were up at 5 am so we could eat breakfast and then get over to a nearby laundromat to beat the crowds.

It was a little after 6:30 when we got to the Catalina laundry and were shocked to see that we were the only ones in the place! Not even any employees. Later on another couple came in, but they just put their stuff in the machines and left. 

We had 3 full loads to wash today so after getting everything into the washers, we went to get gas then waited in the car until the clothes were done. After putting them all the the dryer, we walked around the corner of the shopping center to an ACE Hardware to buy a hose gasket and some more bird seed. The birds had demolished most of the seed in the feeders we had put out. Hungry little buggers!

After our clothes were finished, we stopped by Walmart for a few things on the way back to camp. 

Today we were moving yet again to another site but the other campers hadn't even started to get their RV packed up. You're supposed to check out by 12:00. So we just worked on organizing our gear and unhooking the connections. 

By 11:30 they still hadn't moved and they weren't even at the site! Hmmmm. Not good.

We still needed to move out of our site as it was spoken for by someone else. We ended up loading everthing and pulling the trailer around to a spot we could park at on the road by the new site. 

A ranger came over and said the office was trying to call these people to see what was going on. He did offer us the spot these campers were moving to (do you see the shuffle happening here?!) and was going to tell them that they would have to stay where they were for the night. 

But after checking this other site out, we decided that it wasn't nearly as nice as the one we had reserved - no trees for the birds and too close to other campers! So we opted to wait it out.

Finally by 12:30 the people returned to camp, packed up and moved on. Very inconsiderate!

We quickly set up camp and then just relaxed in the warm sunshine. Our legs were a bit sore from yesterday's ride so we only felt like doing a bit of dancing later.

It was fun watching a road runner visit our site. He was totally unafraid of us and might have eaten out of our hands! 

Tomorrow we move back to Kartchner Caverns.

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