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December 24, 2020

Back to a Chore Day

Today the morning light was so interesting on the Dragoon Mountains east of us.
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Don's doing one of his chores - emptying our portable grey water caddy at the dump station. Since none of the state parks in AZ have sewer hookups at the sites, we've made a lot of use of this tank. It collects the waste water from our kitchen sink. It has an attachment that allows it to be hooked onto the hitch on our van which saves Don a long walk.
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Here's a view of the grey water tank hooked up to the trailer.
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These mountains are west of us. Not nearly as rugged here as the Superstion Mountains.
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When we got up this morning, we were bummed to see that it was predicted to stay in the 40's, and remain cloudy and cold all day. At least the wind had died down overnight, but it sure didn't look like good riding weather. 

We opted instead to make it a chore day - laundry, gas, and grocery shopping. There were only 2 people in the laundromat which was much nicer than in Apache Junction. 

While the clothes were in the washer, we did our grocery run to Walmart. Then as they were drying, we went on a short drive on a road that ran east of Benson to see if it would be a good bike route. It looked like a strong possibility. 

After we got our clothes, we drove south on Highway 80 where we stopped in St. David at a farm stand to buy some local pecans. We thought they were a good price at  $10 for 3 lbs. of half shelled nuts. They are very tasty!

From here we kept driving south on 80 and then west on Highway 82 just to check out the biking potential. We weren't thrilled with either section - not much shoulder and plenty of traffic heading for Tombstone and Bisbee. 

In Whetstone we stopped at a pottery, outdoor furniture store where we bought a neat metal wall sculpture of road runners and a saguaro cactus. Guess that was my Xmas present from Don! 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and trying to stay inside where it was warmer. We saw that lots more campers have put out Xmas lights and displays at their sites. 

It was another quiet evening spent watching movies after dinner. We sure lead the life, don't we?!

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