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December 18, 2020

Another Moving Day

Kartchner State Park

The desert where Kartchner Caverns in located is so different than at Lost Dutchman.
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We no longer see saguaro but instead have agave, prickly pear and some ocotillo.
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Today we were up early and as soon as it was light enough to see, we broke camp and loaded up our stuff since we were moving to another state park - Kartchner Caverns State Park which is south of Benson in SE Arizona. One reason we've only stayed a week or less at these state parks is because we were late in making reservations and that was all that was available. 

We had discovered that these campgrounds are extremely popular with Snowbirds in the winter. I can only imagine how busy it will be when the Canadians are allowed back into the US. People had told us that you need to make reservations in January in order to get a spot for the winter! 

Right now, we prefer the state parks over the private RV parks. So far, they have had nice paved campsites spaced far enough away from your neighbor so that you get some privacy. 

We haven't seen that in any RV parks we've driven by. Many of those don't even have trees! I guess it is the desert and trees take water. But even having palo verde and mesquite trees create some semblence of a screen. 

The drive took a couple of hours as we made our way past farms, many of which were growing cotton. I had done some research on-line about crops grown in this area and was surprised to read of the diversity. I guess I kept thinking of citrus like oranges, lemons and grapefruit. 

I would have liked some nice oranges, but we have yet to find any local produce in the grocery stores we frequent. My folks used to winter in Mesa and they always had a box of oranges shipped home. They sure beat any grown in California!

It was afternoon when we arrived at Kartchner. It's a smaller park with 62 spaces that's located next to some natural caverns. 

We tent camped here a few years ago and enjoyed the area as it had lots of cycling options. It would have been nice to take a tour of the caverns but with Covid restrictions and smaller groups, it was hard to get reservations at this late date. Maybe another time.

Our site is located on the edge of the park with a few mesquite trees nearby, but it's much more open here than at Lost Dutchman.

It should be a quiet night but quite cold with temps in the 30's. I pitied the poor tent campers as we've been there, done that. I'm sure glad we have a furnace now!

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