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December 16, 2020

A Leisure Day

I wasn't aware that cotton was grown near Phoenix.
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Cactus wrens were quite common in this campground.
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We decided to make this a leisure day as our legs were still feeling the effort we put in on yesterday's climb. Guess we're a little out of shape!

After breakfast we drove over to Walmart which ended up being a stressful trip for me. Many customers were not wearing masks and the store was making no effort to enforce their posted mask mandate like we have at home. So we just got in and out as fast as possible.

By the time we got back to camp and had put away the groceries, it was time for lunch. Even though it turned into a nice sunny warm day, we opted not to do a ride this afternoon and practice some dance steps instead.

After doing that activity for about 30 minutes we just chilled outside in our camp chairs, enjoying the sunshine and reading our kindles. 

There are quite a few active birds in this park and as we walk to the bathroom which is quite a trek from our site, we see cactus wrens, black Phainopepla, and many Gambel's quail. The quail are so cute with their little topknots and scurrying around in their covies. I think some of the campers are feeding them. 

Our plans are to do another ride tomorrow as it looks like another warm day - finally!

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