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July 24, 2019 to July 26, 2019

Via Francigena vs Ciclopista Del Sole

Both of these routes run from Northern Tuscany to Rome. I took one of them from Florence to Rome and returned with the other one. So I decided to write a brief comparison.

Both form part of international routes: Via Francigena is part of EV5 and Ciclopista Del Sole is part of EV7.

They were approximately the same length (300 km), but I shaved a bit off both by opting for busier roads. EV5 has much more hills to climb.

Both have long unpaved sections, but  EV7 is quieter with long tow path sections.

EV7 runs parallel to Autostrada 1, a high speed railway and a normal railway. I only noticed the noise at night. Maybe you have better luck when choosing camping spots.

EV5 has much more tourist attractions: Sienna, San Gimignano and many wineries.

Cute little car!
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It was very hot, but that thermometer is wrong
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An over grown path that was fortunately only a few hundred meters long
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Orte looks so beautiful there on the ridge
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Another hay bale is complete
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Party of the charm of Italy is the unpaved roads
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Today's ride: 289 km (179 miles)
Total: 2,955 km (1,835 miles)

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