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Nerve wracking wait for the Schengen Visa

When I looked for airline tickets, I was pleased to see a cheap one departing in less than 3 weeks. So I bought it, without looking at the visa process. Previously I got a Schengen visa in less than a week.

The next available visa appointment was in two two days, so I booked it. I immediately made hotel bookings.

But when I went through the fine print, I saw that all Schengen visas now take a minimum of 15 calendar days to be issued. My whole family was worried that I would miss my flight.

8 hours before my flight, the webpage said my visa was still in progress. But I went to the visa office nonetheless. I was ready to beg.

But the receptionist said I must wait outside because they just received a new batch of passports. A few minutes later, I received a message that my passport was ready for collection. A huge relief !

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