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January 21, 2019

A Tale of Two Knees

We continue to be amazed at the difference between the right knee and the left knee in terms of how quickly recovery has gone. The left knee, which was done 19 days ago now is at the stage that took the right 45 days to reach. So it is recovering approximately twice as fast.

We find ourselves asking ourselves questions like "How long was it until biking outside, with the first knee?".  Fortunately we have this blog to check for the answer. It's like that for all blogging - it becomes almost the only way you can remember where you went and what happened.

The charts below set out the milestones, and they are quite dramatic. The chart shows the number of days since the operation and sets out the stages of progress, for the right knee (first operation) in the first column and the left knee (next operation) in the second column.  You can see that something like "Spin the Pedals" - everyone's big first objective - came after 28 days the first time, and 9 days this time!

"Bike on the Road" - another real biggy - is just a prediction for knee 2 right now - we're going to try it in two days. 

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Continuing the story, we see how knee one ran into those red boxes of pain and infection, so that "Bike out on the Road" did not hit until Day 45. And then at last, the ultimate goal of all cycling - the Coffee Shop - came by Day 50.  If all goes well, we predict the Coffee Shop this time by Day 25, which would make it all exactly twice as fast. That is, of course, unless it snows!

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