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June 24, 2014

Because Plato Said So

No, not Pluto! Plato! You know, the Greek dude who said all those hip and happin'in things that you had to learn about in school.

Pluto is just a dog. Although Pluto was also a planet, for a time. It was my favorite planet if you want to know the truth. Kind of an underdog; small and unpretentious and the least likely to get sunburn. But it was taken off the list of planets not long ago. It doesn't seem fair.

Anyway, what Plato said was, "There's no harm in repeating a good thing" sometime around 400 B.C, give or take. At least that's what the internet says, and the internet never lies.

The reason all this matters is that this summer I am, well, repeating a good thing--that is, some of the places I've already been to and greatly enjoyed. I wouldn't normally do that but my friend Leo wanted to ride across the United States again. At first he wanted to ride the Trans Am route, but I kept telling him how nice it is west of Pueblo, and one thing led to another, until, in the end I seemed to have signed on as guide, at least for that portion of his trip. Mind you, I won't be a paid guide, so I'm not sure how I got roped in to this? Still, it should be good for a laugh or two? It is a bike trip after all.

Of course, it would have been fun to ride in Europe, or some similar exotic and harrowing place, but that will have to wait. Besides, The American Southwest is beautiful. I love that area. And Plato was always right, or at least he is in this case. There really IS no harm in repeating a good thing. Is there?

I will start in Kansas and then move west. Only part of the route is decided. The rest will be improvisation.

No! I TOLD you. Not PLUto!
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No, not THAT Pluto either...
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....stop it with the Pluto already!
Although, if you must know, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the coolest scientist in the country; no, the world; no, he's the coolest scientist in the UNIVERSE!
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No. It's not PlayDOH either!
For crying out loud...
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Aaaah. That's better! Plato. Because when you need a good quote or likewise words of wisdom, few are better.I wonder if he got tired of holding up his finger like that while his portrait was being painted?
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Today's ride: 73 miles (117 km)
Total: 73 miles (117 km)

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