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April 15, 2023

Day 59: Rest day in Villa San Giovanni

Scouting the Train Station

As recommended by the Anderson's, Patrick installed the Italian train app and ordered the tickets online. Thank you Scott and Rachael.

The big adventure for today is to go scout the train station for tomorrow’s ride to Cosenza. What we find is the train will be on platform 3. To get to the tracks there are two flights of stairs down, through a tunnel and two flights up since the elevator is under construction.  We’ll have the carry the bikes. 

We wait to see our train come in looking for the bike sign that is to indicate where to load bikes. There is no sign on this train. The platform is crowded due to another train scheduled to arrive 10 minutes later.

That does not look too promising. We talk to the ticket clerk and he insures us the train will take bikes but he has to add ours to the ticket and charge us 3.5 Euros per bike. Afterwards we also discover he changed our seat assignment to be in the same carriage as the bikes. 

Last night's dinner of spaghetti bolognese
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The crowded train platform
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Frosene SaccoOh, we had to do the bike hauling up and down and through a tunnel as well. It's a challenge! Glad you got it sorted.
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1 year ago

On the way back to the B&B, we stop for a cappuccino and pastry. For lunch we walk to a nearby deli for a sandwich and find they also sell lasagna. We buy this for dinner. That is all the adventures for a re-charge day. We spent a lot of time on-line evaluating our options for the next week. All this is predicated on us getting to Cosenza tomorrow.

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