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February 22, 2019

February 22, 2019 - The Route Has Changed

Something about the best laid plans are subject to change and revision. And then again and again.

When I was planning the tour of southern Portugal last year, I was unsure of my route. An acquaintance in Portugal suggested either: An inland tour north and east of Faro to the Spanish border then northwards toward Beja and Evora before veering west and to Lisboa, or; west from Faro along the southern coast, following Eurovelo 1 then northwards along the wild Atlantic coast to Lisbon. Why the EV1 route? It seems both are great, and I was going to do the same route as planned last year; however, a stay in one village was going to be over a festival weekend and there were no accommodations available for several days before and after that weekend. I am not one to bring along my camping gear on cycling tours so it was a no-go. Maybe another time. 

I chose a modifed version of the latter. I wanted to cut down the distance a small bit, plus I wanted to visit Monchique, a mountain village that appears to be along a scenic route. After staying in a hotel in Albufeira where my family stayed while I was in secondary school, I will continue to Portimão, then swing north into the mountains to Monchique, before returning to EV 1 along the coast, following it north towards Sines and Setubal and finally Lisboa. A huge benefit of cycling close to the sea is that I anticipate loads of seafood, which I adore.

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