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July 11, 2014

Over to Shaw

Neither of us had ever been to Shaw Island. We couldn't find a map but had been told that there was a park with a campground. We'd also heard that there was a small store near the ferry landing and tha the nuns from the convent no longer operated the ferry berth. Those sentences contain the sum total of our knowledge about Shaw Island.

We arrived and found the store. It actually had a good selection--we were afraid we'd be limited to hotdogs on doughy white buns but not the case at all. Fresh local veggies too.

It was a pleasant ride to the Shaw Island County Park. We had met the operator at the store and she told us about the hiker-biker site. When we arrived, there was a couple there with a baby but they were leaving. We thought about waiting to set up where their tent was, but chose the opposite corner to get morning sun since we needed to get an early ferry to make the connection though to Sidney.

Next up, a tour of Shaw Island. We essentially rode all of the paved roads; it's not a large island. Pleasant, but put there's more to see on the other islands in the San Juans.

Returning to the campground, we saw that although there was room for four or so tents, nobody else had arrived. That didn't mean a quiet night! There were several families (on vacation, I guess), who let their children run around yelling until very late. I guess the parents were sitting around socializing, thinking that since they were camping, there was nobody around to be bothered. I beg to differ. I was tempted to be very loud in the early morning to get even, but I didn't.

The Shaw Island County Park campground had the best-decorated outhouse I've ever seen!
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