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September 25, 2014

Day 17: To Monticello

I left my motel on the edge of Williamsburg going north a couple miles on US 25W. Then west through the University of the Cumberlands. Every building on campus is red brick. Most are colonial style.

On the west edge of town I connected to KY 92 west which promptly climbs a big forested hill. Sunny and humid, a warm climb.

KY 92 in The Cumberlands. Wide pavement for the first few miles west of Williamsburg.
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Then a big descent to busy US 27, where I pedaled north 5 miles through the villages of Pine Knot and Stearns. The area does not look prosperous. Large number of abandoned buildings. I had lunch at deserted Papa's Pizza place in Stearns. I saw no other restaurants.

One of many abandoned houses and trailers.
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Abandoned store.
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I can tolerate all-caps, but will never get advice from a sign that says R-U.
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For several days now, nearly every church is a southern Baptist church. Today was no exception.

Hilltop Baptist church, Stearns, KY. The rumble strip is ever-present, no matter how narrow the shoulder.
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In Stearns I turned left, back onto KY 92. Back on a narrow 2 lane road through the hills. Serious hill climbing. 500 foot climb, 500 foot descent, 600 foot climb, 400 foot descent, 300 foot climb. River crossings are costly!

Lovely limestone cut with a hint of fall color.
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Crossing the Cumberland river requires a 500 foot descent and a 500 foot climb.
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I'm on the same highway as yesterday, KY 92, but today has less traffic. No coal trucks here. Only a few log trucks.

South Fork Cumberland river.
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Most of the climbing is in dense forest. Today had a high of 81F with very high humidity. Shade was much appreciated.

National Forest #3. Still more ahead.
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A county named after me!
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As usual, highway 92 has little or no shoulder and a continuous rumble strip that forces me to always ride several inches to the left of the white line.

More kudzu. Always a rumble strip.
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Charmaine RuppoltI'm sure you were cursing a bit over the rumble strips on the narrow road! :/
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1 month ago

The last few miles to Monticello is in a farming valley. Nice farm scenes. Overall today has very nice scenery and traffic was light most of the time.

The cloud shadow adds a bit of drama.
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Typical barn and silo.
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Size proportional to self-righteousness of the occupant?
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In Monticello I got a room at the only motel in town. Monticello Inn, $49. Air conditioned but old, run-down, with a very small room. The county is dry but I got 2 beers from the Mexican workers next door who are putting a new roof on the local WalMart store.

Monticello is a dreary Bible belt town. Dinner was at the best place in town. Long John Silvers. Monticello has 5 fast food chain restaurants, nothing else. No cafe or coffee shop. No tavern, of course. No parks. No bike lanes and no bike racks. Plenty of churches. Nearly all southern Baptist but I also saw an Iglesia Pentecostal.

I don't like this place, but I'm extremely tired. I will take a rest day tomorrow.

Distance: 58.9 mi. (94 km)
Climbing: 3427 ft. (1040 m)
Average Speed: 9.9 mph (16 km/h)

Today's ride: 59 miles (95 km)
Total: 847 miles (1,363 km)

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