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September 2, 2020

Homage To The Pets: Taking One For The Team

On any bike tour we feel a bit of guilt about leaving the family pets behind. Actually, we feel an inordinate and overwhelming amount of guilt! The cats get to stay home and are tended to by a cat sitter, but on this trip our daughter will be feeding and caring for them. The dogs really get the raw end of the deal, as they head to the kennel (or the Gulag, as I'm sure they refer to it). The animals really do "take one for the team" when we hit the road, and though they've lived through it before, it's still a stressor for them.

In hopes there are dog and/or cat lovers out there, meet the Jamison pets and perhaps beam them a little happy energy while their folks are out on tour. Meet Dexter and Phoebe, our two Clumber Spaniels; and Rinny and Trevor, the family cats.

Dexter: Our first Clumber, 2 1/2 years old. Mr. Reliable.
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Phoebe: Our 2nd Clumber, acquired when she was 18 months and is now 2 years and 3 months old. She is an absolute Hell Raiser, and as you can tell, she finds we humans overwhelmingly unimpressive.
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Rinny: 14 years old. Living the semi-retired life of an older cat, but still quite the athlete. I snapped her picture in mid-yawn. She's not as vicious as she looks here.
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Trevor, AKA The Little Prince: Also managed to snap his picture when licking his chops. Plucked off the streets of Decorah, Iowa by our daughter Riley when he was a stray kitten, he is now five years old. An amazing personality and perhaps the most unathletic cat I've ever seen. Everybody loves Trevor .... except Rinny.
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