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September 4, 2019 to September 5, 2019


Besançon to St Jean-de-Losne / St Jean-de-Losne to Chalon-Sur-Sâone

As you can see from the two maps below, we've spent the past two days pedalling from Besançon to Chalon-sur-Sâone. Though the title of today's journal conjures  up fast Celtic footwork, perfect timing and frilly costumes, the reality has been more of a sedate Georgian-era dance from one waterway to another. Think Mr Darcy (Colin Firth...the lake, wet shirt, where's this going?) and Elizabeth Bennett exchanging acerbic insults as they come together then smoothly gliding off with a different partner, only to reunite in the course of the dance.

A stunning entry into Besançon
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We left Besançon yesterday in the arms of the Doubs river, with occasional diversions along canal banks when Le Doubs meandered too far off course. By the end of the day, at St Jean-de-Losne, our new friend, La Saône, provided the perfect backdrop to our bistro meal.

Today, we duck and dive from the Saône to various canals again, only to find that Le Doubs has been tailing us like some Austenesque thwarted lover. (I may have spent too much time today dwelling on Colin. . .) 

We get the message. They are meant to be together. Our lunch stop, Les Bordes, marks the confluence of the two rivers. We follow the Saône to today's destination, Chalon-sur-Sâone, and the comfort of an Ibis hotel.

The silver fern flies proudly from this canal barge in Besançon. Its owners spend the northern summer months travelling slowly up and down French waterways.
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Today's ride: 158 km (98 miles)
Total: 598 km (371 miles)

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