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August 31, 2019

Border hopping for a milestone

Divonne-les-Bains to Yverdon-les-Bains, with another Swiss train ride

If anyone had suggested a decade ago that I would be capable of running the 500km from my old workplace, St Peter's School, Cambridge, to Wellington, New Zealand's cool little capital city, I'd have probably offered them a nice cup of tea and a lie-down.

Well, as it happens, they would've been right. I've done just that. In 5km stages, week by week, over four years, thanks to the magic of parkrun . And I'm absolutely chuffed.

Looking remarkably relaxed before the event
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Jill BrinsleyLEGEND ROBYN !!!👏👏👏
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2 years ago

The Very Important Event that I may have mentioned more than once in this journal was the completion of my 100th parkrun this morning - which is Quite a Big Thing in parkrun world. So, the VIE is a QBT. Crystal clear?  

It was also the reason for our trek to Divonne-les-Bains, straight off the plane in Zurich on Thursday morning. Parkrun is not yet any sort of thing in Switzerland, which called for a border crossing into France. Getting to Divonne in recent days has entailed a few train rides, and the return leg, in order to head into France via Basel, may well involve one or two more. Needs must.

After the obligatory post-run coffee - something embedded in parkrun culture no matter where in the world - it is time to start the return journey. Another hot day, another eyeful of stunning Swiss scenery . . .  This time, we mostly manage to hug the shores of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva), on trails that range from quiet country lanes to tree-rooted off-road tracks. We share the route with many, many locals enjoying a late summer's weekend outing on the lake.

Rolle, Lac Léman
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Our destination is Renons, a handy train hub we've used before. From here, a 25 minute ride takes us to Yverdon-les-Bains, and a big step closer to our next border crossing, into France again.

It is the best of days.

Grapes predominate in this region
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Swans and sailboats...
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This spot is where the day's map should be.  Today's lesson: end Ride with GPS app before getting onto train.

Today's ride: 53 km (33 miles)
Total: 162 km (101 miles)

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Dawn HunterWell done Robyn. What an awesome place to do your 100th! How memorable is that! Signed into this page yesterday (so I thought) but until I redid it again this morning I didn't get your update. Awesome! xx
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2 years ago
Robyn RichardsTo Dawn HunterThanks, Dawn!
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2 years ago
Jennie EastonCongratulations Robyn. A fabulous achievement made extra memorable by your efforts to complete it there!
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2 years ago