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August 30, 2019

Best laid plans and all that

Yvonand to Divonne-les-Bains, also rail assisted

Did you know that, in many Swiss and French villages, church bells toll the hour not once but twice? Well, nor did I until precisely 3 o'clock  this morning. 

Why? you may ask. Glad you did. By 3.03am, I had the answer. Thanks, Google. Farmers toiling in their fields in days gone by would hear the church bells but would not necessarily be paying attention at the start of their tolling. So, they would listen attentively for the repeat performance a couple of minutes later, ready this time to count, and to down tools when the right number  came up.

Yesterday's hotel was not far from the church in Yverdan so we were able to experience this delightful tradition a number of times during the night.

This field of small sunflowers was open to all to pick what they needed. Scissors and twine were helpfully provided.
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Today had been well planned. Which is not always wise when touring. However, we'd decided some months ago that, in order to get to a Very Important Event on Saturday , we would use trains if needed. And so it came to pass.

The day begins well. It is such a pleasure to ride out of the hotel courtyard in Yverdan in the cool of the morning. After yesterday's  intense afternoon of cycling 65km in the heat, today is to be more about enjoying the experience. And all proceeds swimmingly (other than my failure to follow directions, which makes me officially lost in a pretty hamlet a long way from Bruce) until we are well up a steepish hill outside of Orbe. Bruce attempts to pump a slowly deflating tyre. The pump misbehaves, and the inevitable occurs. The bike shop back in Orbe has just closed for its two-hour siesta. Of course. 

If I'm to be lost, it may as well be in a picturesque hamlet . . .
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Three hours later, we make the call to return (in Bruce's case, more than once) to Orbe, deal properly to the offending tyre and find ourselves an alternative way to Divonne-les-Bains, not far from Geneva. I need fresh legs for tomorrow's VIE and we are clearly running out of time to pedal the remaining km. 

Two train rides and an athletic platform change later, we disembark at Nyon for a gentle 10 km to busy little Divonne, crossing the border into France, and our hotel near the lake. 

Bonsoir, tout le monde. Fait de beaux rêves.

So pretty . . .
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Today's ride: 44 km (27 miles)
Total: 109 km (68 miles)

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Jill BrinsleyLoving these logs Robyn!!!
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2 years ago
Robyn RichardsTo Jill BrinsleyJilly! Instead of sensibly sleeping, I've been figuring out how to add maps to latest journal. You like?
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2 years ago
Rachael AndersonIsn’t it fun getting lost! Scott and I played hide in seek with each other in a small French town we were staying at.
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1 year ago
Robyn RichardsTo Rachael AndersonAlarming at the in hindsight? We usually stick pretty close together.
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1 year ago