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November 1, 2019

Day 4 - Hall’s Gap to Dunkeld

Back on the road again today from Halls Gap to the hamlet of Dunkeld, that amazingly has a wonderful hotel.  We had a strong tail wind 😀 so our guides were worried that we would arrive too early.  To avoid this situation a few of our group took detours to add distance but instead we decided to go to the local botanical gardens first.   Finding the gardens involved a little WAA time (wandering around aimlessly) but we did find them and took a short walk to the Venus pools.  Once finished we hit the road for a straight shot south toward the ocean which we will reach tomorrow.  The route had a few small climbs and it was hot again but all manageable and a good excuse for a beer or two.  Along the road today at one point I thought was hallucinating seeing something on the road.  As it turns out I wasn’t rather there was an emu in the middle of the road that ran off into the bush as we got close.  I didn’t capture his photo but I did see others in a field farther down the road.  Apparently a couple of others almost had a very close encounter with a kangaroo.  We are settled in for the night waiting for our next feeding which was an amazing assortment of small plate dishes.  There was so much food we cut off dessert.

Just before we left I captured this mom with her joey.
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This cockatoo was eating the yellow flowers in this field.
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Yvonne McLeanCan't believe all the wildlife you're seeing. Is this what you expected? Deb and Ron did a great job of planning, I think.
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2 years ago
On the trail in the botanical gardens on the way to the Venus pools.
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A young family enjoying the Venus pools.
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My roomie on the road with the southern Grampians in the distance.
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Mike AylingShould be on the other side of the road!
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2 years ago
A panorama of Mt Abrupt. Note my bike in the foreground giving perspective,
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Emus in the field. There about a dozen all together but the others were too far away to photograph.
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Ron and Deb on the road as we approach Dunkeld with Mt Abrupt of the southern Grampians in the background.
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Today's ride: 74 km (46 miles)
Total: 1,172 km (728 miles)

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