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March 27, 2015

Day 71 - Persenbeug to Linz: This really is Eurovelo 6 the hard way

You know how sometimes you joke about something, but then the joke becomes real? Like when you're 19 or 24 you joke about being old, and then one day you realize you are old? Wait, bad example, that's still a joke. Sort of.

That happened with the Danube route. After mocking it so much, it got its revenge. The route signs (which changed from EV6 to R1) became more and more confusing/infrequent. I had even stronger headwinds today, many sections with no shelter, often using my climbing gears. And just when I thought I was finished with the rain, and only a few kilometres from Linz, a rogue cloud passed by and dumped a bucket of water on me. Exhausting.

I was so happy I knew where I was going to be sleeping in Linz. With so many hotels/pensions/guesthouses/rooms/campgrounds closed right now in Slovakia and Austria, Warmshowers and Couchsurfing have given me much-needed days off from my endless quest for accommodation.

The city walls have lost their charm
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First view of Linz. It has its own beauty. See that jogger? I think I made his day--he passed me when I stopped for a photo and I couldn't catch up. Lousy headwind.
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Today's ride: 82 km (51 miles)
Total: 3,355 km (2,083 miles)

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