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January 22, 2015

Day 7 - Rest Day

I moved from the hotel (the other Cetin Hotel, not the expensive one) to the flat of a woman I met when I arrived at the hotel yesterday. I thought she knew the cyclist who brought me there, but it turned out to be a totally random meeting. Another fine example of Turkish hospitality, she ensured I was well-fed before I continued my journey. Best food I had had in a while. She was also the first person in Turkey who didn't think I was crazy.

Sat in on English class at a primary school, which was interesting, and makes me feel old because their language lessons were delivered via video on a laptop, whereas when I was that age (and older!) we had cassette tapes nobody could understand.

Also bought another pump, this one easier to use, I hope. Still on the lookout for a pump like the one I have at home.

Unique colour scheme in the hotel bathroom
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