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February 27, 2015

Day 43 - Arad to Satu Mare: I cheated

Feeling lethargic, possibly because I've been eating food I'm not supposed to eat, I took a day off. Then, not wanting to be back on that busy road, I made a sign that said Satu Mare (to avoid confusion with the many intersecting routes to Hungary between there and Arad), biked to the junction at the edge of town, and stuck out my thumb. I saw lots of license plates from Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland, and a few from France.

But after fifteen minutes, it was a Romanian family with a small cargo truck who picked me up and took me to Satu Mare. Then I got back on the bike and found a guesthouse. Total distance: around 240km, I think. Not bad. Dangerous road, boring scenery. All avoided.

So many of the cyclists in Romania wear yellow vests like mine. It scares me a bit, because it's not just commuting workers who would have a reason to have a vest, it's also older women with long skirts and scarves tied under their chins, just biking through the village.

I think the road will be better from here because I've passed all the Hungarian border crossings. One way or another I'll get to the border tomorrow.

Central Arad
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Today's ride: 12 km (7 miles)
Total: 1,995 km (1,239 miles)

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