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February 25, 2015

Day 41 - Timisoara to Arad: Nowhere to go

Rain. Steady rain, no wind. I procrastinated as long as I could, then finally left the hostel. It was an unpleasant ride, with the rain and the spray from the constant stream of fast trucks on the narrow road. I intended to ignore the bike computer and just go until I got somewhere, but those Romanian distance markers, the ones that look like tombstones, were there to remind me of every kilometer left to the next town, every kilometer left with these speeding trucks.

There was a rest area of sorts at the boundary of Arad County, but no toilets. I ducked behind a bush only to find that it had been used as a literal dumping ground by many people, and not wanting to walk there, my bladder had to wait a while longer. This has been a problem since Serbia--flat agricultural land, and not many gas stations away from the main roads. No cover because it's winter. Too much traffic to go in the open. I've been getting bolder and bolder but today the situation was impossible. It would be so much easier to be a man.

I ended my day when I got to Arad. Now that I've decided to hitch through Ukraine, my motivation for long days on the bike is gone. This road is nasty and dangerous, with nothing fun/satisfying/rewarding. So I'll take my late mornings and short days, and I'll get to Ukraine on time and in one piece. And then I'll find a better road.

Today's ride: 52 km (32 miles)
Total: 1,983 km (1,231 miles)

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