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May 10, 2022

Tuesday, Day Two

Kingston NJ to Philadelphia PA

  The Doubletree offered a $17 breakfast buffet; I passed. I ate at PJ’s Pancake House in Kingston. It was on the route back to the trail. I opted for the banana, strawberry, and nutella stack. Don’t be like me, you do not need the full stack. Go for the half. I’m a big eater and couldn’t finish it. It ended up being more expensive than the buffet, but eating outside in the morning sun, it was worth it.

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  I picked up the trail and headed south with a 50-mile day ahead of me and my butt not happy about it. I passed Princeton students rowing their shells on Lake Carnegie. The trail was in pretty good shape with a few large mud puddles I was forced to ride through. I have to look into fenders. There was a downed tree where I met Skip and we talked bikes, saddles and touring.

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   The D&R Canal Path ends in downtown Trenton. Downtown Trenton makes downtown Baltimore look good. The ECG guides you through Trenton and I got turned around. The ECG puts you over the Delaware on a delicate bridge, depositing you in Pennsylvania. Down a short flight of steps, you find yourself on the D&L Canal Path. While not as well maintained as the D&R, it beats the adjacent road. Industrial sidings, trailer parks, single track, huge turtles, a great blue heron and Charlie, with his recumbent, voluntarily cleaning up the trail, made for an interesting section.

    The D&L ends in Bristol in a cluster intersection which took a while to navigate. I was now road riding, River Road and State Road. They did have shoulders. I passed a sign that said Philadelphia and a bike lane started, Torresdale Avenue went on forever but the bike lane was a helpful touch. The young men wheelie riding their dirt bikes tended to stay out of the bike lane. The East Coast Greenway zigzags to Aramingo Avenue. When Aramingo ended at a highway entrance/exit, gentrification began. In a few blocks I worked my way to the riverside path down to Penn Landing and up to the Historic District. I grabbed a Wyndam, where the nice lady matched the booking.com price.

  The day started out slow and I feared it would take me forever to get to Philly. When I hit the road, I made better time. I was really moving on the bike lane. I sat further back on the seat and it was less painful. I will adjust it forward. The hotel is in a great area with plenty of bars, restaurants and historic sites in walking distance

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