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April 20, 2021

Rest day in Melrose

It’s washing time

Melrose is a quirky little town at the base of Mt Remarkable. It’s been transformed by the mountain bike park on the edge of town. There’s 2 cafes, a supermarket, a bike shop and 2 pubs and the town was bustling with people and bikes everywhere. Steve did his part in contributing to the local economy by systematically buying one new part for his bike, which led to him buying another part, then another then taking his bike in to the mechanic, who then replaced more parts until he had virtually a new bike.

The morning started with a vigorous Pilates session courtesy of my on line subscription to the Bungendore Pilates Studio, the worlds best. Steve valiantly completed the whole session despite complaining about the hardness of the floor, whilst Pete gave up after 15 minutes muttering that this was meant to be a **#!?* rest day.

Suck in that core!
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Pete CoxIn my defense of not completing the Pilates session I offer the following;
1) it was a rest day
2) I didn’t bring my yoga mat and the floor was hard( Steve will back me up on this)
3)the the room was too small for 3 men to do some of the exercises
4) Dennis said it was a stretch session but in fact it was an exercise class and it was a rest day
5) the chicken schnitzel I foolishly ordered the night before was the size of my front wheel
6) the schnitzel had a kilo of melted cheese, an egg and some bacon on it
7) if I needed more exercise ( over 300km on the bike so far) I could get on my bike
8) because I couldn’t get the zoom to cast onto the big screen ( I tried for 15 min) the laptop screen was too small for me to see the exercises
9) Dennis had the laptop in the wrong location ( his side of the room on the hard floor!!!!)
10) a coffee was needed but I’d wasted 15 minutes trying to cast the zoom to the TV
11) did I mention that it was a rest day?
12) I’m actually really inflexible so I struggle with Pilates anyway
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5 months ago

After 2 of the best cappuccinos so far, and baked beans and chorizo on toast Pete and I climbed up the lower slopes of Mt Remarkable to film my tribute to my great mate Ray, whose life celebration is on this coming weekend in Sydney. Meanwhile Steve was on the phone to his accountant trying to work out he was going to pay for his bike repairs.

After lunch and more coffee at the cafe next door we retired to the back deck and played Rummy Cube, a game we found under the TV. The temperature dropped, the clouds rolled in, and we got our washing off the line just before the heavens opened. It didn’t last long, but the petrichor was amazing. (Look it up!)

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We ventured down to the supermarket to do some shopping, salivating at the thought of juicy steaks on the barby, but the best  they had were sausages and some limp beans. With some baked potatoes and the ratatouille from a few nights ago (or possibly longer) we had a passable meal. Even better, the supermarket had the Laura ice cream we’d missed out on the previous day, so we tucked into that on the exhaustive 50 metre walk back to our house.

Do you think we need a large bag of chips with chicken salt for the walk home?
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Cherie McLeanActually he was thinking that he should've gotton three scoops instead of two!
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5 months ago

Washing up the dishes was highlighted with Pete whistling ‘Hey there Georgie girl’ without realising he was doing it. That’s further proof that this an old codgers bike trip.

Drawn like a magnet, but we did wait until 6pm
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2 good looking roosters?
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This is as good as a map of the trail I’ve seen.
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Obligatory photo number 3
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It’s back on the bikes tomorrow for what should be the highlight of our trip; Wilpena Pound and the Central Flinders Ranges.

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judy coxNever heard you whistle Pete!
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5 months ago