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May 7, 2019

Marion, OH to Toledo,OH:

Into the teeth of the cold North wind

Rhona was alarmed to learn temperatures dropped overnight down to 46 degrees. I was more concerned with the 15 mph winds, coming of course from the North since that was the direction we were heading.

I can’t say for sure that this barn was standing yesterday but I wouldn’t have been shocked to hear that it blew down just before we arrived.
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Unfortunately this field was a typical view for much of the day. It might be better a month from now once crops start to grow. In WV and out West when we climb a hill or mountain for an hour we are usually rewarded with a view along the way. Here, pedaling 7 mph on flat ground into the wind feels like we’re climbing but without the rewards and today, not even pretty scenery. Many of the Ohio small towns are quite attractive.

I didn’t expect much of a river coming into Waterville since streams a creeks have been full but sluggish.

The Maumee River was roiling and flooding low areas.
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Along a path along the Maumee River we stopped to talk to a man where a pond was encroaching on the path. A bunch of Carp were thrashing in the shallows.

I don’t know if they were feeding or spawning. We saw a lot of driftwood cut and in piles along the River bank. A lady told us the river flooded badly in February due to ice jams. She said the ice slabs looked like they were shoved by bulldozers.

This was the view I had of Rhona all day. You can see the woolen knitted mittens she bought on a cold tour in Quebec last autumn.
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We encountered two Bicycle route signs today but think they may have been Ohio route signs not USBRS.

Today's ride: 46 miles (74 km)
Total: 355 miles (571 km)

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