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May 16, 2019

Cheboygan, MI to Mackinac Island , MI:

The may be silent but the wind certainly isn't

We started today blasting on the North Central State trail for 16 miles arriving at the ferry waiting room with Lewis in a minute before a driving rain storm joined the 15 mph winds.

The waiting room garage door was kept open to ensure that none of the waiting passengers got too comfortable. We passed the time digging out and putting on our last remaining warm clothing. We took no pictures on the ferry ride as we were too cold to handle the phone. Fortunately our room in the Chippewa Hotel was ready and warm when we landed and only a block from the terminal.

A prominent (but untested) tourist site is the restored Ft. Mackinac.

The self guided tour in the various buildings was interesting.

Looking down on a guard post overlooking the town and harbor.
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If you squint just right you can see the Mackinac Bridge on the horizon. We cycled across it while it was partially closed to vehicular traffic during the DALMAC tour several years ago.
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Outside of the fort was a reconstructed bark mission church built by the first or second French Missionary priest. Apparently no need for a steeple.
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Inside the bark mission.
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We lost count of the number of fudge shops on the Main Street.

“Rhona, just step away from the fudge...”
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The fort was located on a cliff providing defensive advantages.

I wouldn’t have expected to see this many flights of stairs in Michigan near a Great Lake.
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Mackinac Island “prohibits” motor vehicles other than snowmobiles for residents.

This horse drawn wagon was delivering supplies to our hotel.
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I found it hard to understand how heavy duty construction work could be done with supplies, building materials and power equipment being towed by horses. I happened upon some type of hydraulic construction equipment on a trailer which had a standard type of hitch, obviously not horse drawn. I asked a young police officer who happened to be walking past how they handled this situation. He started his answer with, “You don’t think we do this type of work with horses do you?”, before he remembered he was speaking to an exalted tourist, and an elderly one at that. It turns out the police department has several vehicles as does the fire department. Construction traffic is usually guided through the streets by police escort, something that happens early in the day before the tourists. are up and about. I’m glad that’s settled.

Today's ride: 16 miles (26 km)
Total: 738 miles (1,188 km)

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