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May 3, 2019

Cambridge, OH to Zanesville, OH:

The best laid plans of mice and (wet) men...

We woke to the aromas of a breakfast feast prepared by our Warmshowers hosts.

Pam and Craig whipped up this tremendous breakfast without even breaking a sweat. The highlight were homemade waffles made with whole wheat flour, oats, pecan and other healthy ingredients topped wit organic maple syrup.
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Unfortunately the weather did not look promising. Craig was right in his prediction that the worst of the weather was going to just brush us and we should be able to make the short distance to Zanesville before an afternoon band swept through. Sure enough we made it to Zanesville pretty dry but pushed our luck cycling through town to a vantage point to see the famous “Y Bridge".

Here’s the view of the “Y Bridge “ from the bluff.
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This dropped a lot of water on us. I hate when water pools in the elbows of a supposedly waterproof raincoat and causes the sleeves to drop down. Once again out mantra is “You can only get so wet...”.
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Leaving Cambridge we were on “Historic Rt. 40” which starts in Cumberland, MD near our home.

Only 186 miles if we decide to turn around.
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Portions of the bricked road were preserved and still in use. I couldn’t tell if the edge between the brick and the sidewalk was stone or concrete it was so deteriorated.
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There are two “S” bridges which were curved in order to make the distance to be spanned less.

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I’ve abandoned the plan to follow USBRS routes to Mackinac Island. Last night Craig spent hours and mapped out a modified route for us following a route he has cycled which will lead to Mackinac.

He entered it into our “Riding with GPS” app so we won’t miss having route designation signs.
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Sometimes something just clicks when you meet people and it felt like that with Craig and Pam. Rhona and I commented a few miles down the road that if we lived closer we would likely become close friends. Well, we’re going to try to entice them to come visit us and use our home as a base for a cycling adventure.

Today's ride: 27 miles (43 km)
Total: 144 miles (232 km)

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