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Summing up

Well, it only took me 7 years, but I finally got it together to write up what amounted to my first proper tour. Obviously this has been a bit of an exercise in stretching my memory - but I hope there's something here that's reasonably entertaining.

From the perspective of a few years later and a fair bit more experience with self-supported touring, a few things jump out at me:

  • I really had no idea what I was doing mechanically. It amazed me that I got that thing from one end of Belgium to another without it falling apart underneath me. I still think of that 43mph descent into Luxembourg City with a defective front wheel and cringe a bit.
  • I wasn't really prepared for all-day riding - and this was all to the good. I spent much more time sightseeing and doing conventional tourist stuff and saw a lot more of the towns I went through. Now I'm older and fitter (or at least have a better bike) I will more happily ride all day through barren country and only stop when it gets dark. 
  • However, compared to my later tours I spent what amounted to a fortune. Small hotels in Luxembourg City are not cheap.
  • I took much better photos back then (better camera, rather than photographic skill).
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Scott AndersonI’m glad you posted this, Mike. I’ve never really explored biking here. We’ve been saving the flat countries for when we get old, but some year.
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2 years ago
Jon AylingTo Scott AndersonCheers Scott! Yep, definitely recommended, and more variety than I had expected. The Trappist beer alone is worth the journey...
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2 years ago