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August 27, 2015

It's Just Down the Road a Bit Boys ..... Translation ... Pack a Lunch: Day 86 - Robinsons to Corner Brook NL

Another really good day in western Newfoundland. I'll write more tomorrow and post more pics.

We are staying at a friend of Kirsten's sister. Cindy has gone out of her way to make us welcome. We are going to take a day off tomorrow and do a day trip to Gros Morne National Park.

No great philosophical revelations or introspective insights today. Just pedalling through starkly beautiful country in pretty good conditions.

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Today's titles had its genisis in our conversation with Norm, the proprietor of the hotel we stayed at last night. When we asked if there was anywhere along the highway that we could get something to eat he replied " oh yeah, the Ultramar is just down the road, they've got a good restaurant where y'can get a good breakfast". 

Thirty km's later we find the said gas station ( we are back to eating gas station restaurant food, must be a true sign of entering the hinterland) . Norm was right that it was a good breakfast, but it was a little further down the road than we had anticipated. When we're leaving the Ultramar Norm was just pulling up in his truck. This meant another conversation (all good) and the assurance that another good place to have lunch was "Just down the road at Pinchgut lake, it's real nice there boys". 

Sixty km's later we were able to confirm Norm's recommendation and directions. It was also pretty clear that directioms and rough distances from locals in Newfoundland need to pass through a cycle filter. Just down the road roughly translates into 'half day cycle'

Update 10 Sept - I was putting together a playlist of Song Of The Day and I discovered that this day didn't have one. Everything usually has a reason.

When we were biking through Pinchgut there was a house fire breaking out. Nobody was hurt, but unfortunately a family lost their home. It turns out that Pichgut does not have a fire department and the Corner Brook department did not respond to the call. This was big news for the entire time we were in Newfoundland, and the debate touched on some significant moral issues of duty of care versus economic interest. I'm sure the debate will go on for some time, but this issues makes a slam dunk Song of the Day:

Burning Down The House by The Talking Heads

Rolling highway and beautiful and remote scenery in western newfoundland
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Our actual lunch spot at George's Lake. Back to wraps, humans (oops! hummus) and cucumber ... All good
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Kirsten and Mark lunching at George's Lake
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Getting close to Corner Brook.
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Another reminder of why Newfoundland is called The Rock
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Dropping down into Corner Brook, 200 m of elevation to drop in a few km's. Nice way to end the day!
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Today's ride: 111 km (69 miles)
Total: 7,996 km (4,966 miles)

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