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July 7, 2015

Hello neighbour!: Day 35 - Caliper Lake Ontario to International Falls Minnesota

We're now visiting our neighbours, camped out in an RV park in International Falls. The title for today involves a very "inside" family story whose telling will have to wait.

A good day of biking but not on par with yesterday. The road wasn't as good, more traffic and we were out of the lakes after about 40 km's.

Still a pretty good day and the boarder crossing was a piece of cake. As we were driving through Ft. Frances on the Canadian side, we kept seeing signs saying "2.5 hours to the U.S. Border" , "2 hours to the U.S. Border" and so on.

We were less than a km away. I guess this place can be fairly busy. Lucky for us it wasn't today. We rode right up, had the friendliest U.S. customs person ever and next thing we know we're in Int Falls.

We decided to stay here and then make two ~130 km days to Duluth.

As we were setting up camp we saw another cyclist roll into the campsite. It was Bill Brooks, who we met in Kamloops on day 5, and who three other folks we've met have also cycled with.

This is a small but tight community. Dinner wine and beer with Bill and then off to bed.

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Song of the day :

The Bonnie Banks O'Fordie by The Old Blind Dogs ....... Local legends in the Aberdeen folk circuit, you'll probably have trouble finding these guys on iTunes, but they're great musicians and you'll get to learn the local Doric dialect

Historical monument of the day:

Ojibway service memorial outside Emo. Very interesting to see whole groups of brothers, some serving in Canadian forces and some in US

Caliper lake in the early morning light
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Still in the land of lakes
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Hwy 71 south from Caliper lake. We've lost our paved shoulder but the traffic was light
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First farm in about 200 km's. Leaving lake country and the transition back to farm land.Looks like mostly dairy as not much more than hay will grow here. It looks like the rocks aren't too much below the surface
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Nice park near Emo commemorating Ojibway who served in the American and or Canadian forces over the years. We were about 100 m north of the U.S. Border and I think the communities here get pretty blurred regarding nationality
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Long lost friend from Kamloops - we meet up with Bill Brooks again. A good night sharing stories and a few bevies. (And Bill had the temerity to insinuate that we led him astray and prevented him from writing his journal last night!)
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Today's ride: 95 km (59 miles)
Total: 3,526 km (2,190 miles)

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