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August 16, 2015

Every Thing's Gonna be Alright...: Day 75 - Saint Florence Quebec to Black Point New Brunswick

I was a little nervous this morning. This was going to be our last day in Quebec. I'd grown to really like this place. Great biking, friendly people, really interesting villages, really really good food, and now it was going to be over.

Well I'm sitting in a campsite right beside the bay of Chaleur watching a heron have his dinner in a tide pool, everyone around us, and in all the villages we came through is speaking French, the shoulders on the roads were good and the folks camped next to us in their trailer they park here for the season gave us a cold beer and then put our meagre three in their fridge to get cold. New Brunswick's going to be ok.

The view from our tent at Black Point campground on the Bay of Chaleur in New Brunswick
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We had another great day of biking down the Matapedia River. It was a Sunday so there were a lot of people on the river. Some fly fishing, some canoeing, all enjoying being outside on another glorious summer day.

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Although we only did 120 km today, about our average for a cycling day, and the terrain was interesting but not difficult, we had one of our slowest days today. Maybe it was the heat and humidity. Overall it was another really good day of biking in Quebec, and a nice introduction to New Brunswick. We saw a few other tourers going the other way, and we met a roadie from Cambeltown who was out for a day ride, but the dominant form of two wheel transportation today was motorbike. Hundreds of them. And why not? Beautiful surroundings, great weather and a great road. I still think some of them would be better off in the long run swapping 130 hp generated by gasoline for 1 hp generated by chocolate milk. That will be a long crusade.

We are now through half the provinces and have covered almost 80% of the distance we had initially planned. Tomorrow we will go over the 7000 km mark. That's a big number that seems hard to swallow in one gulp. However tomorrow we will also bike another 120 km or so, which is pretty digestible by any measure. It's just stacking these up over 70 days that makes it a big pile.

So long Quebec and route 132 and the whole Route Verte system. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience. We will be back again.

And hello to the Maritimes and your fishing villages, vibrant music scene, and giant fibreglass lobsters! I am so looking forward to getting to Shediac and getting Kirsten on that thing!

Once again I'll let today's pics do the rest of the talking.

The model in a giant chair outside Saint Florence. I hear that Shediac has a giant lobster that rivals the Walleye she rode in Minnesota. I can't wait!
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Sunday morning fishing in the Matapedia
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Beautiful riding along the Matapedia
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Fishing from a canoe on the Matapedia
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More covered bridges over the Matapedia River. I guess this speaks to the amount of snow they must get in the winter
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Enjoying our last few km's on Quebec hwy 132. All other provinces take note of the width of the paved shoulder and the absence of rumble strips. This is how it's done!
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That's New Brunswick on the other side of the river!
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Hello province number six!
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French on the north side, Scots on the south side
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Gulls and herons hanging out on the rocks just steps away from our tent. Pretty nice!
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Song of the day:

Take a Drive by Thom Swift ..... A New Brunswick road trip song. It's set on hwy 103 that goes through Edmunston on down to St John, the route we didn't take.... But it's a good road trip song nonetheless

Once again, no You Tube vid ... have to go to the CBC Road Songs album ... that's what I've been listening too recently!

Historical monument of the day:

The battle of Ristigouche. A naval battle between the British and the French on the Ristigouche River (the Matapedia flows into this) in 1760. This battle was decicevly won by the British and effectively ended France's ability to hold onto any of her remaining North American colonies. It was all Britian now.

Parks Canada interpretive centre commemorating the battle of Ristigouche along the stretch of river in front of us.
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Today's ride: 120 km (75 miles)
Total: 6,925 km (4,300 miles)

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