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Equipment 2: What we're bringing along ....

We're going to be prepared to camp, and will do so whenever the weather and location looks good, or if we have to because there's nothing else. All of the following stuff will will be packed in our Ortllieb Travel Packer rear and front bags. They will be fully packed out when we're on the tandem (only 4 bags plus the rack bag) and much less so when w're on our singles (8 bags plus the rack bag).

Our Camp:

Our camp (from our 2012 tour of the Loire and Normandy Beaches)- Big Anges UL3 tent, lot's of room for two people. Two Exped SynMat UL7 inflatable mattresses (one is sticking out the end of the bag), one Feathered Friends Penguin 30 down bag with Penguin ground sheet. The ground sheet has two sleeves that the Exped's slide into (perfect fit) and the rectangular sleeping bag zips to the groundsheet like a quilt.Presto... a double bed that weighs about two kg's!All this packs very easily into a waterproof Ortlieb medium size rack pack duffle, and it all (tent, sleeping bag and mattresses) weighs about 4 kg (about 9 lbs)
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Our Kitchen:

Kitchen - GSI Dualist pot set, Optimus Crux LPG stove, Primus Litech fry pan, Optimus knife/fork/spoon, MSR 10 ltr dromedary bag with shower attachment, MSR spoon and spatula, dish soap and pot scrubbers, MEC insulated 'pot sleeping bag', small cutting board, Pristine CLO2 water treatment
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Kitchen packed and ready to go
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Lyle"s Stuff

The Boom Bag! UE BOOM bluetooth speaker on top of my front bag. I love to listen to music (and CBC podcsts, and Economist audio articles, and ...) and ear phones are a non starter for biking, so here's my solution. It sounds amazing. It's also guaranteed to annoy fellow cyclists and pedestrians. For about 90% or more of our km's the pedestrians will be gophers and other forms of ground squirrels, so I'm not going to loose sleep over it. This one's for me.
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Kirsten's Stuff: Basically three days of cycling clothes ( 3X: MEC cycling shorts, Icebreaker GT tops, smart wool socks). Wear, wash, dry, repeat. MEC water proof (resistant) cycling tights. Gore Bike Wear wind stopper soft shell jacket, Pearl Izzumi wind breaker, Arc' Teryx Goretex jacket, MEC down sweater, off bike clothes (3 shirts, zip off pants / shorts, Merrel shoes) down pillow, basic toiletries and underwear. Bear spray, first aid kit. Giro bike shoes,
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Lyle's Stuff: A few different brands but more or less the same as Kirsten's.
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The Gadgets: Olympus OMD-5 camera (12 - 50 mm zoom, 40-150 mm zoom, 17 mm lenses).Samsung 10.2 tab , Samsung 8.2 tab, Samsung Galaxy III phone, Apple IPhone 6 Plus. Power Monkey charger and solar charger. Not shown, Garmin 510 cycle GPS, logitech wireless keyboard. All the various cables and chargers for the above. The Repair Kit (in the Ortlieb bags)Tubes, patch kits, multi tools, nuts, bolts, tape, basically every thing needed to take the bikes apart and put togther again (within reason)
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