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August 12, 2015

Au Revoir mon Ami: Day 71 - Quebec City to La Pocatiere

Not raining this morning, yeah! On the Levi Ferry at 10, so not a really early start today. QC is another one of those "meeting points" for cross country bikers. On the ferry there were more cycle tourers than cars. Most were doing local tours but we met Frank from Montreal who was on his way to St. John's. Like a couple of other students, he was doing his Trans Canada over two years. This is year two with Montreal to St. John's lined up.

Once again really nice riding along the south shore. Lots of other cyclists including many tourer's heading west. Like BC we are getting into an area where there are a lot of people doing shorter tours. All good stuff. It was pretty near certain that when we saw another tourer on the prairies or in northern Ontario, they were doing the cross country thing.

Also ran into Mary and Sarah from Windsor and Picton who were also on their way to St John's. They started in Victoria a few days before us and took the north shore of superior route. We also met Herman Kerr who'a triking to Cape Spear (and got is thinking that might be a better end point than signal hill). He's got a blog going here on CGOAB too.

I didn't take may pics today, nothing stood out and said take my picture, other than the big ice cream cone beside the highway! Italy has its espresso bars and gelato places. France has its boulangeries and tabac's. Quebec has its Dairy Bars. That's ok by me.

I took the pic of the big icecream coned or two reasons. First,I had a really good maple sugar covered sundae here, and second, it was an attempt to make up for a missed opportunity from two nights ago. In QC we paid a visit to the church of Quebec's latest Saint, St. Glace. I had a double mango and raspberry and Kirsten had a chocolate caramel. I neglected however to get a picture of the place. The ice cream cone will have to suffice to show the importance of all things dairy in Quebec.

All for now. Hoping for an earlier start tomorrow and that it turns out like today. Todays forecast was for showeres and a 20 km headwind. It ended up being mixed sun and cloud and probably only a 10 km/hr headwind. Tomorrows decision will be whether to head south to NB at Riviere du Loup of or to continue on to Rimouski and then head south and take a coastal route through NB. We'll get the coin out for that tomorrow morning.

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Song of the day:

Catgroove by Parov Stelar ....

This was some of the music the street performers were also playing when we saw them on Monday night (a girl was doing a slack line routine, including flips! to this). It's got a real circus flavour to it.

Two great vid's ... take your pick ... the dude in the basement with the green shag gives a better 'street performer' feel like we had in QC, the old Fred Astaire footage probably shows what's going on in their heads when they were performing!

Green Shag guy!

Fred & Rita

Historic monument of the day:

Hats of to Quebec City as a whole. Founded as a town in 1608, you just don't get much more historic than that in North America (for European based history that is)

Leaving Quebec City on the Levi Ferry
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Frank from Montreal - we met on the ferry and then leapfrogged each other to La Pocatiere. He's on his way to St. John's too but wil be there by August 30, the day he has to return to Montreal and school again (Engineering Physics at Polytechnique)
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Mary and Sarah from Windsor and Picton. They're on their way to St John's too!
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Nice views of the river all day. It getting wider and brackish. I think there may even be a tide here now. Interesting that we will be riding along the Atlantic now for several weeks yet we measured our riding time along the pacific in hours!
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In tribute to St Glacé, Quebec's patron saint of ice cream!
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Route 132 ..... Twice as good as Route 66!
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Today's ride: 122 km (76 miles)
Total: 6,455 km (4,009 miles)

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