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March 1, 2022

Marathon to Key West

   I was up and at ’em around 7:00. The morning was cool and pleasant. I rode back a couple of thousand feet to start where I left off.

  The trail/road was much the same. It switched sides of the road if I tried to stay on The Florida Heritage Trail. Some of the trail bridges were sealed off with fencing and some weren’t. Sometimes the trail ended in gravel. Sometimes I rode the shoulder, not realizing the old bridge was rideable. At one point the trail was away from the road with a buffer of vegetation between us and the traffic. Part of a long bridge was restored, ending on Pigeon Key. There was no way off Pigeon key except to backtrack a mile. The signage failed to mention this important fact.

The Old Bridge
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  By the time I got to Saddle Key, I regretted my new saddle choice. I should have broken it in, but my old saddle disintegrated into foam, plastic and leather bits. Time was a luxury, I didn’t have.

  Riding into Key West itself, I followed the seawall and US 1 into the Old Town. I located the Southernmost Point of the Continental US Buoy and snapped a photo from the side, rather than wait in line.  We grabbed a really nice hotel, The Almond Tree. The walk-in price was only twice as much as it should have been. But this place actually provided bath robes, it was fancy. The Ocean Grill had the feel of fine dining, but the three times they tried to clear my plate before my wife was done eating negated that theory and was annoying. The food was good and looked beautiful. The kitchen was competent, the wait staff, less so. 

    The old part of Key West would be a great place to ride around looking at the architecture or taking a bicycle tour. The traffic is slow and there are plenty of bikes around. I was a bit beat up by the time I arrived and was happy to get off the bike.

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Today's ride: 57 miles (92 km)
Total: 193 miles (311 km)

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